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Swedish Remedial Massage


Often known as therapeutic massage, Swedish Remedial massage is a technique that combines a series of movements which will relax, stimulate and relieve muscle tension and stress.


The massage combines a variety of techniques, from light to deeper moves.  The lighter strokes will relax and sooth the mind and body.  Deeper, petrissage movements are then used to tackle tension and tight areas.  Stimulating movements are incorporated to help ‘wake’ the skin, blood and lymphatic system to brighten the area and drain away toxins.


Massage can make you feel more comfortable in your own body.  Once the aches and pains have been soothed away you will feel revitalised and ready for anything.


Deep Tissue Massage


An advanced technique, Deep Tissue Massage deploys a number of intensive techniques to target areas of chronic tension and stressed or strained muscles to release the muscle fibres, easing away discomfort.


By mobilising joint, using trigger points and working into deep muscle tissue, this slow and comprehensive massage technique will leave you feel rejuvenated.  It is not uncommon to feel some muscle soreness directly after the treatment, due to the intensity of the massage, however, this should ease shortly afterwards with the body feeling restored and much more comfortable.


The Therapy Room at Canvas and Cream, SE23


Indian Head Massage


Practiced for centuries throughout the Indian sub-continent, this ancient form of massage leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Although the main focus of Indian Head Massage is on the head, the treatment also incorporates the neck and shoulders to start to ease away tension, before working on both relaxing and stimulating the head and scalp.  Facial massage is also used to complete the treatment, leaving you feeling and looking stress free and fresh.