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Reflexology - supporting you through your pregnancy

Planning your treatments


First trimester

It is not recommended to have reflexology during the first trimester of your pregnancy.


Second Trimester and onwards

As baby grows and gets bigger it will undoubtedly there will start to be niggles, some more uncomfortable than others. Aching hips and back are all normal but uncomfortable

Third Trimester and final weeks.


From 37 weeks

Reflexology can be used to help encourage the baby to get into the correct position for birth.  It can also be used to encourage labour to start.


Contact: Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a teatment plan in advance.

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Pregnancy is a very special time. It is also a time when your body is under extra pressure to do the most amazing thing - grow a baby!


And all the while providing unwavering support are your feet!


Reflexology can give not only your feet, but your mind, body and baby a treat.  Reflexology helps to promote the well-being of both Mother and Baby, encouraging balance throughout the body.


Pregnancy can often bring with it some unwanted symptoms such as

            Sickness,                Heartburn,

            Tiredness,              IBS

            Back ache              Pelvic pain

            Swollen ankles      Stress                ...and problems sleeping.  


Reflexology is a wonderful way to help the body relax and by working specific trigger points it can aid relieving these and other symptoms.